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Full text of "Annual Evaluation Report Fiscal Year 1984"

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III.    RESPONSE TO GEPA 4l7(b)  (Continued)

o Analyzing 'DISTAR* Project Study Achievement Data funded through an
unsolicited proposal to ED by the Uvalde, Texas, Independent School

o An LEA Selection Procedures Study by Pelavin Associates of Washington,
D.C., that will examine entry/exit criteria for bilingual education

o A Special Analysis of Data from the "English Language Proficiency Study"
(ELPS) on National LEP Persons Estimates by Decision Resources of
Washington, D.C.

Contacts for Further Information:

Program Operations:    Rudy Munis,  (202) 245-2695

Gilbert N. Garcia,  (202) 245-2600
Program Studies:    Robert Stonehill,  (202) 245-9401


1.    The   Education  Amendments   of   1984,   P.L.   98-511   (October   19,   1984),
authorized bilingual education through FY 1988.

2.    Includes $9 million for bilingual vocational training and $81 million
for bilingual desegregation programs.

3.    This authorization was established by the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation
Act of   1981,   P.L.   97-35.    The   authorization   and   appropriation  are
shared with programs in Chapters 201, 204, and 205.t of San Francisco, California